a floral and event design studio

tony likes

to write words and take pictures with his banged-up Holga. After all, it can’t all be flowers, right?

So — here’s a link to the first story I ever had published — I had just fulfilled a life-long goal (and a New Year’s Resolution) to go out to dinner by myself. I sat at the Athenian Diner in Middletown and blatantly stared at a couple who were having dessert across from me. When I went to my writing workshop the next day, our prompt was “The Millerton Diner” and here’s what I got (it’s one of seven short-short stories based on the seven deadly sins — this one is clearly gluttony). Check it out at The Big Ugly Review.

Here’s another, more recently published, couple of prose poems — these require a little more digging to get to, though. The link is to Bent Pin Quarterly, but you have to find your way to the ARCHIVES and, in the January 2009 issue, you’ll find a section titled The Damage. My pieces are in there.

bryce-copyAnd finally — my newest sister Andrea introduced me to her Holga — the most brilliant camera ever invented. All plastic (including the lens) and full of light leaks and weird idiosyncrasies. Her sister (my gorgeous wife) got me one for Christmas a year ago and I’m hooked. There are a couple of images here from the Mutter Museum in Philly (I snuck the camera in — shhhhhh) that are a bit…um…well, it’s a medical oddities museum — we’ll leave it at that. Check them out at my Flick’r site.

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